Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs2Yes, I have succumbed to peer pressure and purchased the high end products from the well known brand, Marc Jacobs. Although my wallet is crying, WHHHYYYYY, my heart is happy and full of love for the new additions to my collection.

I always have been a fan of his fragrances, specifically the Daisy line, as well as Honey. They just smell so fresh and clean Marc Jacobs1with a hint of something extra, right up my alley. Despite liking these, I usually only enjoy them when I receive the miniature samples with my Sephora orders, and I have never really wanted to commit to purchasing a whole bottle of perfume.

I recently stopped in to Sephora and saw that they had a new spring limited edition to the line. I usually notice they have a new fragrance each spring, but I’ve never stopped in to look or smell – I did this time. The new Marc Jacobs Fragrance Daisy Eau So Fresh Sorbet is basically love in a bottle – styled to be fresh, delicate, and feminine. It smells like fruit and floral mixed in one with the perfect amount of sweet.

The description states there are notes of mandarin, apple, lotus flower, magnolia, jasmine, wet violet, creamy woods, and musk.

There was an alternative Daisy Sorbet fragrance as well, but it was muskier and a little bit more mature smelling than I would like in this product. But it still smelled wonderful!

Another Marc Jacobs Beauty find that I am obsessing about – I mean… obsessing about this – is the new Nudes Sheer Lip Gel. I really wanted a nude pink for my transition in to spring, and especially for this summer, so I went on the hunt early. The woman at Sephora showed me many products before this one, but as soon as she swatched this on her hand I was in love.

Marc JacobsThe shade I was interested in was Strange Magic, which is the lightest pink of the nudes, it’s a really delicate warm pink. And it smells like vanilla… who doesn’t love that?

It is so creamy, literally like a gel consistency over your lips that hydrates and has amazing color benefit. I have very pigmented red lips, and usually I put a nude color on and it never fully covers, shows the imperfections and dryness, or requires a lot of prep work before I can even apply it. This new gel lipstick is so pigmented and creamy that it totally masks all of the redness without an ounce of prep work – and I feel like I don’t have to cake on a lot of product which is always a plus. The one and only downfall to this product is that it does not have all day wear, or even long wear for that matter. I find that I am applying it often, and it easily comes off if you are drinking anything or what not. If the only issue is that I have to keep this beauty by my side – I guess I can deal with it!

I have been raving about this to my friends, and have been so excited to write about it. If you are in the market to find a high end product that is well worth the money, go check out this new nude collection! The packaging is not the cutest, but what’s inside is what counts. It’s worth every penny.



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