About Me…

I’m Paige, a twenty-something young professional working in the world of pharmacy. Recently, I had devoted six long years to becoming a pharmacist, and now that I can check that off my list of to-do’s, I want to enjoy my time talking about all of the things that I love. ‘What Paige’ is my little space out there to dive in to all the sides of me, and connect with others on limitless topics. I’ve always heard… ‘What Paige are you on today Paige?’ – and I always want to roll my eyes at the never-ending play on my name, but this blog asks on a consistent basis, ‘What Paige are we seeing today?’

I hope this blog finds all of you who want to listen, learn, and follow me on my adventures. 



4 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. Hi, Paige! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on the Six Doctors. That was a real wig bubble to become a post. Congrats on becoming a pharmacist. Great calling. You have a real education in drugs and chemicals which made up so much of our lives. I wish you much success with your blog. I’m sure you will continue to turn the Paige.

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