My Gym Beauty Bag

The great thing about my blog redesign and switching the name to ‘What Paige’ is that I really get the chance to talk about my lifestyle as a whole, and AAALLLL of the things I love. Health and fitness is a true passion of mine, because we only have one body to live in, and we might as well make the most of it to keep it running smoothly our whole lives. Similarly, I am a makeup addict, and I purchase makeup and skincare items everywhere I go, even if I don’t need them… my bank account hates me.

This all brings me to my topic today, what’s in my gym beauty bag? Some people would think its ridiculous to even have a beauty bag for the gym, because you’re not there to look pretty, you’re there to work on yourself, but I sometimes leave the gym and go other places and I like to freshen up. Other times my skin just feels so disgusting with all the dirt and sweat that I need a pick-me-up just until I can get home.

Enter the bag…

I usually just use a small cosmetic case to carry all of my little things, and it changes frequently. To be honest, I usually just change it based on what amount I’m carrying, and all of the bags I have were free with gift sets or purchases.

Gym Makeup Bag

The one thing you MUST have with you… Okay not must, but they’re amazing to have on hand if needed – daily facial towelettes!! The brand I am currently using is Kirkland Signature, which is sold at Costco (I hear their pharmacy is really great, *wink *wink). These specific wipes are formulated for all skin types, are paraben free, and don’t require rinsing afterwards. The giant box at Costco comes with regular and travel sizes, which is so nice for carrying in these little bags. I usually use these when I’m done with a workout that really made me sweat, that way I’m cleaning the dirt off my face before I can actually go in for the deep clean. I’ve also tried other brands like Simple and Neutrogenia, but surprisingly I like the Kirkland more.

First Aid Beauty is by far my favorite face cream, and it has been for over a year now, so I obviously carry a miniature of it around with me, especially for after a gym session. I love how moisturizing and non-greasy it is, AND it doesn’t break me out! Any lotion or cream is good to have on hand though, because if you wash your face you won’t dry it out, or if your hands get dry from lifting it’s good to have as a little rescue.

Urban Decay makes different facial sprays, and I’ve recently discovered their B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray. I LOVE this. I don’t know if it even does anything, but it makes my face feel so refreshed and cooled off after the gym, that I don’t even care… I mean, I care a little if it does nothing, but I’ll continue to believe it’s helping me…

Gym Beauty Essentials

On to the little things…

Q-tips – to clean up any extra running mascara or eyeliner that didn’t come off pre-workout
Mini Mascara – incase I’m going anywhere after the gym and I need a fresh faced look
Hair ties – I cannot have enough hair ties… if you lose one and are without, it’s like the end of the world. I also usually try to carry a few hair pins, but these aren’t as important.
Deodorant – because no one wants to be the smelly person at the gym… or at least we can try to not be.
Lip Balm – Its rare to find me without a lip balm of some sort, and the gym is no different. Heavy breathing and difficult workouts call for moisturizing!

So that’s all I carry with me to the gym in my beauty bag, inside of my actual gym bag full of other goodies (I love organizing, and I’m an over-packer). It may seem excessive, but I feel like some things are little necessities and others just make the visit go so much better. Plus when I leave the gym after a good workout I feel so drained and exhausted, and having fresh feeling skin really picks me up to move on to the next thing.

Do any of you have anything specific that you take with you to the gym for a beauty regimen?

Thanks for reading!!



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