Dry Shampoo, Finally a Success

Let me start off by saying… I feel like I’ve basically abandoned this blog (so sad…). With my schedule getting busier and busier I’ve been writing less and less. Regardless of my hectic life recently, I have been trying new beauty products, new recipes, and I have a lot of fun things to share in the next few posts. Unfortunately the reason I even have time to sit and write to my heart’s content is that I am currently snowed in and can’t go to work for the day… Oh well. What’s better than indulging in a day of pampering and playing with makeup!?

First things first, I wanted to share with everyone who is anyone that I have finally found a dry shampoo that works. I know they all say, ‘spray this in your hair in between shampooing and it’ll be like new’, but let’s be real, they do not work. Some dry shampoos just make my hair white with powder that does not even rub in, have a terrible scent that lasts all day long, leave your hair looking greasy and worse than before, or it just feels like an expensive empty canister of air.Batiste

After being challenged by all of these terrible types of products I decided to try again when I was in Ulta recently. I really wanted to love dry shampoos because they’re an excuse to skip a wash, which is actually really healthy for your hair, and now I can finally say I love dry shampoo.

I’m sure many of you have tried this product, Batiste Dry Shampoo. I had previously heard good things about it, and the product definitely lived up to the hype. Batiste sprays come in multiple scents and varieties, and it’s extremely easy to use. Like most other dry shampoos you just spray this into the roots of your hair, or anywhere you feel oil might be accumulating. I like to let mine sit for a minute or so, and then I just run my fingers through my hair and rub at the roots. This makes sure that any of the concentrated powder is soaking up all of the oils in your hair and it leaves your hair looking more volumized and fresh.


Although I am now a fan of this product, I would not recommend trying the tinted dry shampoo. I purchased the brown tint because I got excited and thought a hint of color would be nice; I was wrong. I used it in the morning and the color came off on my hands naturally when I rubbed it in, which I figured would happen. However, throughout the day if I touched my hair AT ALL, the brown color was everywhere. I thought this would have dried or absorbed or something, but it got on my clothes, pillows, and hands. Luckily this easily washes off, but I definitely don’t want to be going through the day shedding brown color on anything I would come in to contact with. Lesson learned… I slight bit of shiny color is not worth the hassle; buy the original!

Ulta  often has these products on sale, so keep your eyes open and look out for the deals! In the mean time, let me know if you guys have found any good shampoos that are actually worth your money. Until next time, 🙂