Clinique Holiday Helpers

So, hopefully like most of you, while I was holiday shopping this year I was also browsing the sales for myself… not so much as an intentional thing, but if anything jumped out saying TRY ME!… I had to. Any who, I ended up purchasing a Clinique Holiday Helpers gift set from Sephora this year, which I don’t believe is still available, but they do have these products selling individually.

I honestly bought this whole set just for the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Gel, because I was running out of my sample sized pot from a 100 point reward. This stuff is amazing!!! It goes on so smooth and sheer, dries quickly, doesn’t have a scent or tacky feeling, and it keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I usually use this under a FAB cream before bed, and it’s the moisturizer I put on before my makeup in the morning… I will for sure be purchasing a full size of this soon!

The kit also includes an All About the Eyes cream, which I had never tried, and I pleasantly like. This cream is THICK, but its easily blended and stays put on my skin all night long. All I’ve noticed is extra hydration when I use it, but other than that I really am enjoying the product. I probably should be more excited about it, but I still have yet to dabble in to eye creams at all.

Next on the list is their High Impact mascara, as well as their Skinny Stick Eyeliner. Both of these products are really nice, and I like that they’re travel size, so I’ve been popping them in my purse for touch ups.

A Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm was also included in this set, and it was in the shade Heaping Hazelnut (a light and pretty brownish nude). I really like this, and I figured I would from other reviews, and the fact that it won an award from Allure Best of Beauty 2015. This truly is a balm, where it goes on sheer and smooth, keeps your lips moisturized, and has a hint of subtle color. It’s not overpowering, which I like, so I can put it on without worrying about checking a mirror. In the future I’m definitely going to get this in a darker color, probably something with more of a purple or mauve-ish tone (I’m thinking Richer Raisin or Graped Up), because the lighter colors probably won’t even show up on my lips.

Lastly in this gift set included their Take Off the Day Makeup Remover, Foaming Sonic Facial Soap, and the Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil. I’ve used the makeup remover a few times, and it works wonders, but I hate the greasy feel of an oil, and I prefer my makeup removing wipes. I will be honest, I have not tried the facial wash, because I have a set skincare routine, and I was on edge about changing it up and risking the irritation to my sensitive skin. I have tried the treatment oil, which is really nice to apply at bedtime. I mostly use this with my CoverFx foundation to sheer it out and make it even more hydrating. I add about one or two drops, mix, and apply it all to my face with a brush… works wonders!

Okay well I feel like this was a super long rant, but their are some seriously noteworthy products in here! I really love the creams, mascara, and chubby stick so far, and I will continue to get use out of the whole thing. Clinique really has some good products, but I definitely would suggest investing in a kit like this one where you can try things before buying full sized products – they’re expensive! If anyone else has had luck with these, let me know, as well as if anyone has tried that face wash!

Until next time, thanks for reading!



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