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Hey Guys! I’m so excited to write this short but sweet note to all of you because today is the day my blog is being featured on Behind the Blog, created by Karen of Confetti and Curves. If you have a moment you should go check out my virtual interview with her, where we give you a sneak peak as to what to expect with this blog, and a little bit more about the writer, me!

Behind the Blog featuring Paige from What Paige

She also has such a great space on the web with really insightful and helpful posts… I’ll link one of my favorites down below, she really helped me learn more about my blog and what the photos on my blog mean for traffic to my site, but if you already know that, there are plenty more helpful posts just like it!

Optimize Your Images & Increase Your Blog Traffic

I also just wanted to mention for anyone just dropping by that I recently started up my Twitter account for this blog, and I really would love to stay connected to fellow bloggers so we can build up the community! If you stop on by with a follow on my Twitter, I’ll make sure to do the same so we can stay in touch and be up-to-date on the blogging world.

Twitter: @Whatpaigee

Lastly, this is just a little thank you to Karen, being featured is a really great opportunity for bloggers, and I would highly recommend it to anyone else out there! I think it’s important to stay in touch with fellow bloggers, see all of the new content out there, and lend a helping hand where needed… her series is so great for all of those things!

Okay, I’ll stop rambling, go check out my interview on Confetti and Curves now!!!

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When is Makeup Too Old?

When does your makeup expire

Although most people consciously think about throwing away or eating food before it expires or goes bad, rarely do we consider tossing our makeup, or at least I don’t. Why would I want to toss an amazing product that I spent my hard earned money on just to have to re-purchase it again in the future? That’s right guys – I don’t want to throw my makeup away… ever. Unless a product was horrible, I have trouble parting with any of my makeup, I would consider this hoarding. But I had recently been organizing my stash of beauty products and realized I’ve had some makeup compacts for over 5 years… I went to put them with the other pile of eyeshadows, and really thought, ‘are these even good to put on my skin anymore?’ The answer to that question is a simple ‘no’. Although some makeup does not specifically list an expiration date, or a ‘how long this product is good once opened’ label, it does have a shelf life, like any other thing we put on or in our bodies. I know, I know, I wanted to keep my makeup forever too…

But before you go rummaging through all of your stuff ready to toss it out, take a look at what you have, see if there are actual dates on it, and keep reading for a helpful guideline of how long you should keep certain products!

Mascara: Toss after 2 to 3 months, or if you’re product is getting clumpy

Liquid Foundation: Toss after about 1 year, or if you notice the consistency or color change (check the labels first, I have a few foundations listed to be good for up to 24 months once opened)

Lipstick: Toss after about 2 years, or when you notice it’s drying out

Lipgloss: Toss after 1 year, or when the gloss becomes sticky(-er than it should be)

Powder anything (Eyeshadow, Blush, Face Powder): Toss after 2 years, or when you notice the powders are drying out (aka crumbling, flaking, less blendable). Eyeshadows should probably be tossed sooner (unfortunately). Because they are applied by your eyes, they are more likely to promote bacterial spread faster, and could cause you to get an eye infection or stye.

Fragrances: Toss after 10 years (Thank goodness, too expensive to toss!!!!!), or when your fragrance changes color

Nail Polish: Toss after about 2 years, or when the color is clumpy and won’t separate with shaking

Lotions: Toss after 2 years, or when the color/scent changes

When I honestly started investigating and saw some of these dates, I was so shocked. However, if you are purchasing more high end makeup, I would honestly test the product out first, and really look for the expiration label. Or if you are like me, you’ll keep it because it’s a special thing to you (even if you know you shouldn’t or won’t use it anymore – it’s part of your collection).
Some helpful tips for makeup lovers:

Just make sure you are cleaning your brushes on a regular basis to stop or prevent the growth and transfer of bacteria – we don’t want to be putting that on our faces.

Keep your makeup stored in a cool dry place. Moisture in the air or excessive heat can break down a product, and help the spread/growth of bacteria.

Try to keep your products out of excessive light. Fragrances can oxidize in the light, changing the scent quicker. UV light can also break down certain preservatives in your products, like foundation, that help them last longer.


Makeup expiration dates

The little open jars on the back of your packaging will tell you how long your product is good for once opened (12M = 12 Months)

Look for the dates on your bottles! Although most of my drugstore makeup did not list expiration dates, almost all of my high end products had a shelf life listing on them. Look for the little symbol of an open bottle, it should say 6M (6 months), 12M (12 months), or something along those lines meaning that that product is good for 6, 12, or however long listed once the bottle is actually opened.

I know learning more about this stuff is really helping me organize my collection, and it’s showing me what to keep and toss after all of these years. But hey, on the bright side, there’s more room for new goodies!!

I hope this was helpful to you guys! Does anyone have any helpful tips on their makeup products and how long they decide to keep something? Until next time, thanks for reading!!


Also, I just started a twitter account for this blog (I know, finally joining the rest of the world). Follow me for updates and to see what’s going on!!

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Goodbye 2014!


While I am a little bit late to posting about my favorites of 2014, or to wish everyone a happy new year (Happy New Year!!), I think it’s important to reflect on the year once it’s over. It would probably be more important to reflect on myself, or my relationships, or my past resolutions… but hey, reflecting on your favorite things is fun and helpful too!

If you want to find out what all of my favorites are for the year, from a variety of categories… keep reading!

Beauty Products2014 1

I bought sooooo many beauty products this year, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Having a hobby/collection like this comes in handy for any occasion, and it’s always fun to have the chance to change your look with your mood for the day.

Maybelline Matte Lipsticks

I have to keep this plural, because I could NOT buy just one… It all started with one lipstick that was an amazing berry color, and I could not get enough… I think I own four of these… And for the price, the product is definitely worth it!

BareMinerals Stroke of Light Concealer

I literally just wrote my last post on this, I love it so much. You can read me ramble on about how amazing this is… here. But literally, this saves me time and extra product every day when I do my makeup. It’s amazzzzing.

BareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara

Ugh… I think I’m on a BareMinerals trend, but oh well; they did very good this year with new products! I wrote a review on this a while back, and I still love everything about it. Plus it comes in a two pack with a travel size that’s nice enough to carry around for touch-ups. This definitely replaced my Benefit They’re Real mascara.

Urban Decay Shadows – Buck and Naked

These colors may be so plain, but I love them. They compliment my light eyes, and are perfect for a neutral look, or to help transition deeper colors when I want to have a fun night out. I have not written a review about these, but everyone should know that Urban Decay makes really nice shadows that are pigmented and creamy. There is little fallout with these ones, and they’re matte so they work with just about any look!

Skincare Products2014 2

First Aid Beauty Instant Oatmeal Mask

UGGGHHH I love this mask so much. It’s perfect to use 1-2 times a week to keep your skin soft and refreshed. Go buy it.

LUSH Cosmetics Ocean Salt Scrub

This just smells like a margarita, so I obviously loved it right away. But it helps exfoliate my skin like no other, and leaves it feeling hydrated and smooth. I will definitely continue to buy these tubs.

Random Favorites2014 3

Polar Bear Slippers

If you know anything about me you know I LOVE polar bears. I got these bad boys as a gift for Christmas (thanks dad), and I think I’m going to purchase a couple more pairs for when these get too worn out… because I am ALWAYS wearing them. They’re adorable right? (Bed Bath and Beyond)

2014 4Sparkling Lemon Yankee Candle

This smells so fresh and clean, and not at all overpowering. When people think of lemon scents they usually think of tart cleaning products, but this literally smells like sugary lemon. I don’t know… if you’re ever by a store that sells these candles take a whiff, because this smells so good when it’s burning.

Sweet Peppers

If I ever need a healthy snack, side dish, or just something colorful to add to my plate this is my go-to food. They’re very good for you, since peppers are packed with nutrients and are a water based vegetable, and they’re easy to incorporate into just about any type of dish.

Gardians of the Galaxy

What would the year be without a good super hero movie? This one was hilarious, and definitely exceeded my expectations. I saw it in theatres, bought it as a Christmas gift… and have watched it numerous times since. If you have seen it, hopefully you agree with me; if you haven’t seen it, please go watch. 🙂

Friends and Family

A year would not be memorable if it weren’t for the people you spend it with. I’m thankful for the friends and family that I have, and thankful for the friends I’m making through this blog.

Here’s to a great year just passing, and to a wonderful new year! 🙂