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Hey Guys! I’m so excited to write this short but sweet note to all of you because today is the day my blog is being featured on Behind the Blog, created by Karen of Confetti and Curves. If you have a moment you should go check out my virtual interview with her, where we give you a sneak peak as to what to expect with this blog, and a little bit more about the writer, me!

Behind the Blog featuring Paige from What Paige

She also has such a great space on the web with really insightful and helpful posts… I’ll link one of my favorites down below, she really helped me learn more about my blog and what the photos on my blog mean for traffic to my site, but if you already know that, there are plenty more helpful posts just like it!

Optimize Your Images & Increase Your Blog Traffic

I also just wanted to mention for anyone just dropping by that I recently started up my Twitter account for this blog, and I really would love to stay connected to fellow bloggers so we can build up the community! If you stop on by with a follow on my Twitter, I’ll make sure to do the same so we can stay in touch and be up-to-date on the blogging world.

Twitter: @Whatpaigee

Lastly, this is just a little thank you to Karen, being featured is a really great opportunity for bloggers, and I would highly recommend it to anyone else out there! I think it’s important to stay in touch with fellow bloggers, see all of the new content out there, and lend a helping hand where needed… her series is so great for all of those things!

Okay, I’ll stop rambling, go check out my interview on Confetti and Curves now!!!

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Travel Essentials


Sooo… it would make no sense to write a post on traveling essentials unless I was going to be traveling soon. The exciting thing is that… I am! I will be flying out tomorrow to California to present at a pharmacy convention (woo woo nerds… jk). BUT in all seriousness, there are a few things that you should always remember to take on the plane with you when you’re traveling…
1. Ziploc Bags

This may sound ridiculous because, why would you need Ziploc bags? But if you open any of your miniature (or full size if you check a bag) lotions, shampoos/conditioners, body washes, contact solutions, ETCCCCCC, they have a chance of spilling all over your precious cargo. No one wants that. NO ONE. So bring some Ziploc bags so those bottles can roll around and you don’t have to worry about them until you reach your destination or home. You can always clean up the mess then. 99% of the time my bottles never open or leak, but in that 0.01% chance that it will happen, I don’t want it to ruin any of my clothes or belongings.

2. Phone/Electronic Chargers

You will have time to charge your devices. So do it. Do not be caught without a charger… When you need to make that phone call, send the “I’m okay!” text message, or hit publish on the blog post… you want to make sure you have a charge to withstand the task. Plus once you get where you’re going you might need a phone for various reservations or checking in purposes… although I’d hope you wouldn’t wait until that last minute.


3. Disinfecting Wipes

Okay, so I don’t want to sound like a germaphobe, but really… when was the last time that seat you are sitting in was cleaned? When was the last time someone wiped down the eating tray you’re going to sit your stuff on, when was the last time someone disinfected the arm rests that you put your hands on? Because chances are you put your stuff down on those surfaces, or touch them and then touch your face and dirty EVERYTHING. I know I know, this sounds crazy… but people often get sick while traveling, and I would rather avoid this if at all possible. PLUS, I don’t want to touch my skin with dirty hands, which is inevitable… but if I can wipe off the apple juice some kid spilt or spit up when he sat in my seat the flight before, I’ll try to wipe it off. Point made.

4. Lip Balm

It is DRY on an airplane. Even in a car. Long rides/trips require hydration… But when we’re confined to small quarters or are in a constraint for our traveling, we probably aren’t drinking all the fluids we need. I know I hate getting up on planes, and I don’t like making many stops in the car when driving… so I try to avoid drinking too many beverages before/during a trip. Because of this my lips start drying out because the moisture is not present (licking your lips literally only makes this worse – so don’t do it!), so I need a balm/moisturizer to keep them soft until I can get to my destination and resume normal routines. Seriously, by having dry lips and biting them you’re damaging the protective layer of skin, so try to protect it while traveling… (Tinted balm is a two in one… I usually try to remember to bring one of those)

5. Moisturizer

Read what I said above about dry air and dehydration. Then think… UGH dry skin. The same thing applies here. Keep your skin hydrated. Use a moisturizer (just make sure you have a travel friendly size!!!).

6. Extra Personal Items

Lets be honest… there is a fear that luggage will be lost in the airport. Or else, I have this fear that my luggage will be lost in an airport. SOOOOO… I always make sure I have extra clothes (skivvies) to make it through the next day incase this happens. Call me crazy but… it happens.

7. Headphones

Pray that you do not get stuck next to the person that likes to chew their gum with their mouth open. But if you do get stuck next to them… you’ll be happy you have headphones. Hopefully you have something to plug them in to…

Of course we all over pack, or at least I do… but there will be plenty of other things essential to your particular trip. Mine include a bag of skincare products, a travel bag of makeup (I tried to not take EVERYTHING), and more outfits than I can count. Of course my trip is only five days, but I’ve packed for 10… Anyways, I think these things are essentials that everyone should remember on any type of trip. I’ll keep you posted on my trip to California, it’s my first time going… and I am so excited. Any last minute suggestions for my carry on bag? 🙂